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FAST360 Announces Enhanced Solution for Telephonic Interpretation Services

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FAST360 Announces Enhanced Solution for Telephonic Interpretation Services

CLEARWATER, FL, (May 10, 2017) FAST360, a leading national provider of ancillary services that support successful management of workers’ compensation claims, today announced the launch of Fast Connect, which provides a new level of speed and flexibility for telephonic interpretation services.

Fast Connect is designed to maximize the ability of injured workers or others involved in a workers’ compensation claim who have limited proficiency in English to communicate effectively with adjusters, manage care and medical professionals, and providers of other workers’ compensation ancillary services.  Fast Connect provides users with instantaneous connection to Spanish interpreters and minimal wait time for over 250 other languages and dialects. This service is available 24/7. Telephonic interpreters go through robust training, certification, and testing to gain expertise in social services, medical, defense, legal, and immigration.  

“We are excited to announce Fast Connect, which represents the latest industry leading option in telephonic interpretation services,” said Lisa Oskoui, Executive Vice President of Fast360.  “Ensuring that injured workers can communicate freely and accurately with adjusters, providers and others who are assisting them with their recovery and guiding them through the often complicated workers’ compensation system means they can be active participants in their recovery.  Open, clear communication and a shard understanding of what is happening with a claim is critical to the effective claim management and to ensuring that medical professionals have the information they need to make the best decisions regarding treatment.”

Fast360 clients can access this dynamic new product through a dedicated web-based portal that allows them to request a call; have calls recorded, transcribed, or translated into another language; and search, listen and email previous calls. Fast Connect can be customized to support workflows with individual billing and reporting tools requested by clients and there are no set up monthly or minimum charges.  

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