Savings come in many forms and FAST360 works to maximize them all - medical, indemnity and administrative.

Medical Savings
FAST360's national network of contracted imaging centers provides for excellent national coverage at rates well below fee schedule or usual and customary rates.  Radiology specific guidelines are built into our software to flag you when inappropriate tests are requested, so you can make an informed decision.

Indemnity Savings
Our hands-on staff is dedicated to providing prompt scheduling and expedited diagnostic reports, so we speed the return-to-work process.  Reports are forwarded within 24 hours of receipt.

Administrative Savings
FAST360 eliminates the need to make repeated contact with injured workers, find a convenient facility, coordinate schedules and all of the other logistical issues facing the professionals that handle workers' compensation cases.

Your initial contact with FAST360 is all it takes to get a test scheduled, ensure the patient attends the appointment and receive the test results.  Time is money and FAST360 saves both.

FAST360 charges our clients a global rate, which simplifies the claims handling process and greatly reduces the paper flow.  State-wide rates mean you maintain a single fee schedule instead of hundreds in a state.

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